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Price NZ$




WL0601 Velcro Cock Strap $21.00  


WL0602 3 Dome Cock Strap $21.00  


WL0603 3 Dome Studded Cock Strap $23.00  


WL0604 10 Speed Cock Strap $31.00  


WL0606 Studded Cock and Ball Harness $33.00  


WL0608 Leather Multi Ring $33.00  


WL0609 Leather Figure Eight $33.00  


WL0610 Leather Buckled gates of Hell $40.00  


WL0612 Wider Ball Divider $28.00  


WL0613 Ball Stretcher Divider $34.00  


WL0614 Parachute Ball Stretcher $35.00  


WL0615 Studded Parachute Ball Stretcher $40.00  


WL0618 Ball Pouch

Made from Strong Pig Skin



WL0619 Cock Sheath and Ball Divider $35.00  


WL0622 Heavy Duty Ball Stretcher $45.00  


WL0630 32mm Nickle Plated Love Ring $8.50  


WL0631 38mm Nickle Plated Love Ring $9.00  


WL0632 44mm Nickle Plated Love Ring $10.00  


WL0633 51mm Nickle Plated Love Ring $11.50  


WL0634 Triple Nickle Plated Love Rings




WL0635 2 Gates of Hell $30.00  


WL0636 3 Gates of Hell $35.00  


WL0637 5 Gates of Hell $45.00  


WL0640 Leather Lead 1 metre $35.00  


WL0642 Ring Cock and Locking Ball Harness $35.00  


WL0643 Ball Stretcher with Cock Ring $35.00